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Welcome to the Clocktower

Major Megan Fan

I live in the middle of nowhere. My life revolves around the crime shows I watch on CBS. I also watch Ghost Whisperer, Supernatural, Smallville, Dark Angel, Scrubs, and FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman. Numb3rs is my favorite show of ALL TIME! My favorite types of music are Christian, pop, and country. I like Hannah Montana, Rebecca St. James, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, and Flyleaf. I like to read mysteries, such as Nancy Drew, and young adult novels, such as the works of Meg Cabot. I like going to movies. My favorite franchises include X-Men, Pirates, and Ocean's. I like hanging out with my friends. I have a friend for everything. I have a friend I watch TV with, I have a writing friend, etc. I like going to school, but summer is a great time of the year. My favorite subject is English. When I get older, I want to get a degree in English with a minor in Creative Writing. I then want to come back to the middle of nowhere, perhaps finding Mr. Right along the way. I (hopefully) will become a bestselling writer and a mother.

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